CARE Counseling is a clinic focused on “Building a Community to Strengthen the Community.” We focus on the training, development, and sustainability of our team so that CARE’s clinicians are grounded and supported to provide the best services for the community at large. Our clinicians provide counseling and support for individuals of all ages, families, and couples from diverse backgrounds and symptom presentations. The clinic is multidisciplinary with clinicians with backgrounds in psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy.

Specific learning opportunities include:

Psychotherapy Grounded in Theory: Conducting individual therapy across the age span, family therapy, and/or couples counseling. We are hoping that by September, we will be back to seeing some clients in person; however, we predict that may clients will want to continue to use telehealth services. As a result, you will be well trained in this modality and build competency.

Psychological Testing for Doctoral Students: This summer we are adding an ADHD assessment battery and the fall doctoral student(s) will implement our pilot program in testing. This will add to your total number of assessment batteries for your predoctoral internship application but will also be a great speaking point in your interviews, on your CV, and/or in your essays to highlight your contributions to building out this program.

Efficient and Accurate Clinical Writing Skills: Writing diagnostic assessments (along with how to accurately diagnose), jointly developing and executing treatment plans grounded in theory, and documenting progress in daily notes and treatment summaries.

Professional Development: Developing skills related to professional development, such as effective communication strategies, getting the most you can out of supervision and consultation, etc.

Coordination of Care: Becoming skillful at care coordination including contact with schools, county workers, psychiatrists, and other systems involved with the client/family.

Being a Part of our Community: Engaging in a community that is passionate about what they do, enjoy working with the team, and want to support your growth.

Additional benefits when you’re on CARE’s team as a student:

Supervision/training is a top priority for us, so you will get a lot of support and feedback.

Grand Rounds: We host trainings about two times per month on assorted topics, such as co-occurring diagnoses, practitioner resilience, gender, and sexuality, etc.

Cohort Model: Our students are in a cohort model which provides invaluable support and opportunities for growth and learning.

Career Opportunities: We often hire our students who do well during the practicum.