A Quick Note About CARE

In community mental health non-profit centers, there tends to be a strong sense of community, rich culture, support systems, and a strong mission statement. However, this is often at the expense of a lower salary. Conversely, private practices provide a high standard of living with great flexibility, but often leaves a sense of isolation.

Dr. Andrea Hutchinson and her co-owner John saw an opportunity to combine the positive attributes of the above dichotomy and provide a clinical environment that embraced both community, values, and a high standard of living. These values were at the core of the development of CARE Counseling in January of 2014 leading to CARE’s mission statement: build a community to strengthen the community.

CARE continues to work towards these attributes, and prides itself on providing employees a competitive salary, a congenial work environment, and the flexibility and freedom that is valuable to professionals who have other personal and professional goals. This is achieved through its focus on community, a work hard/play hard mentality, transparency, and accountability with team members. CARE is dedicated to providing a great professional experience for its clinicians so that in turn, the clinicians will provide a high-level standard of care to our community that is inherently sustainable.

Support + Flexibility

Often licensed mental health professionals feel siloed and isolated in group mental health settings, without the support of a supervisor that they enjoyed while working toward independently licensed.

At CARE, we seek to provide you with a balance of support and flexibility, letting you enjoy the autonomy of being a fully licensed staff, while still providing the consultation, community, and connection to help you be your best therapist self.

Perks to Working at CARE as a licensed staff:

  • Work culture: Being with an amazing community of clinicians passionate about what they do!
  • Open door environment: Have a difficult session? Want to connect about a case? Care to see if anyone is up for a social event? Support one another by helping up build a community to support the community. We encourage our team to connect with one another in informal ways, as well.
  • Beautiful offices and clinics around the cities.
  • Competitive pay and bonuses. CARE values our employees and pays competitive salaries, along with additional bonuses for exceeding expectations. Bonuses are paid out at the end of each quarter.
  • Free continuing education activities for all team members: 40+ CE hours within two years. Offered as in-house trainings by experts in the field.
  • Two paid CEU days accrued annually for licensed staff. Use these to invest in your growth as a clinician and gain more experience in various specialties.
  • License renewal: $250 reimbursed annually for license renewal fees.
  • Loan Forgiveness: CARE has applied for loan forgiveness with the Department of Health. A Master’s level clinician would be eligible for $9,300 annually or Doctoral level clinician $18,000 annually. This could total $37,200 or $72,000 respectively over 4 years.
  • Weekly consultation group: As a licensed staff, we provide a consistent place to process cases and your professional identity as a therapist with clinicians from a variety of disciplines and licensure levels.
  • Licensed dyad partners: Ever wish you still had a supervisor to run a tough question by? In addition to the regular avenues for questions, you have the option of being connected with a licensed dyad partner for deeper case consultation and support.
  • Community building outings all throughout the year (like Twins Games, renting out movie theaters, etc).
  • Ongoing DEI Initiatives and BIPOC Group for CARE staff that meets monthly to provide a safe and supportive space.
  • Employee Gifting: CARE loves to recognize the hard work our team does. So you can expect thoughtful gifts and awesome swag throughout your time at CARE above and beyond a competitive salary and bonuses.
  • In-house credentialing and billing: Our amazing CARE team will help facilitate the credentialing process. Additionally, billing is also done by non-clinical staff, so the clinician can focus on providing quality care!
  • Flex options: We offer a host of options for flexible schedules, including:
  • Salaried, Full time (with earned opportunity to flex portions of your week without using PTO)
    • Pick your caseload level: we also offer .8 and .9 salary options (still benefits and bonus eligible!)
    • Retirement: 401(k) & 401(k) match contributions/profit sharing
    • Comprehensive benefit package: health, dental (covered 100% by employer), vision (covered 100% by employer)
    • Short- and long-term disability (covered 100% by employer)
    • Paid Time Off
    • Parental leave
    • Pawternal leave (1 day off for adopting an animal 😊)
    • Quarterly bonuses are available for exceeding expectations
    • Additional information on CARE’s Benefits can be found here.


    Education and Experience

    Masters or Doctoral Degree in behavioral science/related field (psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, education, etc.)


    • Maintain an active, unrestricted independent clinical license as a mental health professional in the State of Minnesota (LP, LPCC, LICSW, LMFT).

    *Also hiring for Pre-Independently Licensed Therapist, Practicum Students, Post-Doctoral Internships as well as Administrative Staff. We're Growing! New Locations Now Open.

    Due to the selective nature of our hiring process we spend a significant amount of time screening prospective team members so please set your expectations to allow for 2-3 weeks prior to an invitation to interview. We will carefully consider your application during this initial screening and contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. We wish you every success.

    Work/Life Balance Plan: This model has low caseload expectations with opportunities to earn a significantly higher salary depending on how many clients you want to see (again, benefits and bonus eligibility included)