Postdoc Fellow Journey

CARE is honored to join this part of your emerging professional path. That is why CARE offers a postdoc experience that provides multiple opportunities to continue your growth following graduation. Postdoc fellows at CARE are actively involved with weekly supervision, group consultation, accredited trainings, and other opportunities below!

Postdoc experience at CARE Counseling:

The CARE Fellowship: We are focused on cultivating an immersive training experience in an outpatient mental health setting. The fellowship involves learning to be exceptional across a variety of modalities and interventions, which are used to address diagnoses and symptoms that are most seen in outpatient mental health settings. The postdoc year begins with an extensive on-boarding experience and ongoing supportive resources are provided throughout the year.

Fellowship Hours: Postdocs work 45 hours per week Monday through Friday. Days and hours are determined prior to starting and will be based on the postdoc and clinic’s needs.

Additional Opportunities: Throughout the year there may be other opportunities (if a good fit) to supervise, mentor, and/or work on program development/refinement skills. CARE strives to train effective leaders and values a professional journey that is growth-oriented toward long-term goals to support postdocs on their path to become a future psychologist.

Ideal Postdoc Qualities: Aligning with our core CARE values, we look for postdocs that exemplify the following qualities: accountability; transparency; willing to work hard and learn how to be an effective, compassionate, and efficient therapist; organized; empathetic; flexible; and be able to balance working independently and being able to ask for help.

Specific opportunities include:

Outpatient Therapy Caseload: Building and maintaining a caseload and conducting individual therapy, family therapy, and/or couples counseling in-person and/or telehealth.

Efficient Clinical Writing Skills: Enhancing your professional voice in writing diagnostic assessments, developing and executing treatment plans grounded in theory, and documenting progress in session notes and treatment summaries.

Clinical Supervision: Attending weekly supervision with a Licensed Psychologist and gaining the support of the CARE supervision team in studying for the EPPP and preparing for licensure.

Professional Development: Enhancing skills related to your professional development, such as clinical communication and comprehensive care coordination, understanding of intersectionality, use of supervision and consultation, mentoring, ethically minded practice, and so forth.

Group Consultation: Consulting with our multidisciplinary community, which provides invaluable support and opportunities for diverse learning experiences throughout the postdoc year.

Additional benefits when you’re on CARE’s team as a postdoc:

Comprehensive Training: CARE is committed to providing high-level professional training to support high-quality care to the community. As such, education, training, inclusion, and supervision are a top priority at CARE. All of these are central to the development of competent, culturally responsive, and ethical mental health providers. A leading goal of the CARE Training Team is to deliver learning activities that foster critical thinking and sound clinical judgement, as well as
provide access to the most relevant and essential information for the integration of scholarly knowledge and skill in the delivery of psychological practice. Postdocs will also be involved in quarterly didactics with doctoral interns at CARE to engage in further learning and mentoring with the next generation.

Grand Rounds: Postdocs are encouraged to attend monthly CARE hosted trainings to gain more in-depth learning on assorted topics, such as co-occurring concerns, psychiatry and other holistic interventions, practitioner resilience, providing culturally responsive care, etc. CARE Counseling is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Learn more about our accredited training here

Supervision Training: CARE is thrilled to offer an in-house supervision training program for our emerging supervisors, to support CARE’s dedication to investing in the ongoing learning and development of our team! Learn more about the program here

Being a Part of Our Community: Postdocs also get to engage with an incredible community that is passionate about what they do, enjoys working as a team, and wants to support your growth. CARE is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive training environment and spaces that promote appreciation for differences, self-awareness, reflection, and a
diverse community. CARE continuously works to cultivate an inclusive space that welcomes diversity in all forms.

Career Opportunities: We often hire our postdocs who do well during the fellowship and are engaged in our greater CARE community.


    Education and Experience

    Doctoral Degree in behavioral science/related field (psychology, counseling, education, etc.)


    Must be in the process of working toward independent licensure and be in good standing with the respective licensing board.

    Thank you for considering CARE Counseling for your postdoc fellowship!

    *Also hiring for Licensed Therapists, Pre-Independently Licensed Therapist, Practicum Students, as well as Administrative Staff. We're Growing! New Locations Now Open.